Being built by true MLOps engineers, Qwak makes any ML model production worthy.

Software has been eating the world for quite some time.

In the last few years, this Mark Andreesen quote has been used by investors and tech leaders alike to describe various shifts that result from technological advancements. One of the most common transformations is perhaps the notion that Machine Learning is eating the world. In many ways, it’s true — advancements in AI and ML are staggering — people moved from being amazed by the ability to detect hotdogs in still images, to drivers struggling to stay awake while sitting behind the wheel of a Tesla driving on autopilot.


We really need another team photoshoot :)

Job Description

StageOne Ventures is seeking a Principal to join the venture team in Herzliya.

StageOne, a leading early-stage venture capital firm, is seeking an Investment Principal to help lead deal sourcing, diligence, and portfolio management for early-stage opportunities. StageOne was founded in 2001 and has been investing in deep technology, B2B companies since. The firm has raised $250M from a global set of investors and has built a diverse, high-performing portfolio across several verticals.

If you fit the description below, please send your CV to

We are looking for someone:

  • With a deep passion for startups, entrepreneurship, and…

The Israeli venture funding ecosystem is rapidly evolving, constantly adapting itself to the changing global market dynamics. In the past 20 years, we at StageOne have been razor-focused on funding and backing early-stage Israeli entrepreneurs building transformative deep technology startups which solve complex enterprise challenges. As an active player in this vibrant environment, we try to analyze the market data at the end of each year, put it into context, and give our perspective on the matter.

In this post, I would like to share some of our findings and thoughts, starting with a high-level view of the market, followed…

Nate Meir

I invest in Startups at StageOne VC

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